The Csa Sampler Box

What comes with the 4 Week CSA Sampler?

A lot! It’s a great way to try out our veggie subscription program to see if you like it. Choose from one of our three different 4-week tracks this summer.
Limit: one Sampler trial per customer.


When you sign up, you’ll choose one of our 4-consecutive week Sampler schedules. Be sure you can do all four scheduled weeks in that track. We do not sub out weeks that don’t work for you — we want you to get a true experience of what the CSA is like! Your box is the standard share size, including 6-8 seasonal organic veggies picked fresh from our farm. We also provide you with recipes and storage tips for the week.


Worried about “wasting your food”? You’ll get access to our private FB community and our online training library, where we post weekly unboxings, video tutorials on every veggie we grow, plus you get access to all our support materials to help you learn how to eat our veggies all season long. Our highly engaged community is great at giving advice and inspiration, and will help you see what being a part of the SLF tribe is all about.


You get entry to ALL our CSAs farm events with your membership. Pesto Fest, Pizzapalooza, Planting Field Days, Field to Table Dinner events, the Pumpkin Hunt. We also offer lots of fun contests and challenges in our Facebook group ~ you’ll have plenty of chances to meet your farmers and your foodie community.


After 4 consecutive weeks, you should have a good idea if you’d be a good fit for our full season program. It’s a great way to “try out” the program before making the big financial investment next year. Plus, you get all the full-season bonus perks of regular membership like the FB group community, farm events, and foodie training.


Getting a box of random veggies can be overwhelming. That’s why we provide you with a dinner game plan each week, including loads of recipes to help you use everything in your box. Plus our weekly “Unboxing video” in our Facebook group will teach you valuable vegetable exit strategies to maximize your box experience.


Our full season season membership sells out early every year! With a Sampler membership, you’ll get early bird access to 2024 season sign-up in October, ensuring that you get a spot for the new year. (It’s kind of like cutting in line). Many of our Sampler members end up snagging premium share types like egg shares that sell out quickly.

Sign up for the 4-week CSA Sampler.

Choose from one of our 3 four-week Sampler sessions during checkout. Limit: 1 Sampler per season. No repeat Sampler customers, please. The Sampler is designed to help you decide if full-time CSA is a good fit. If you already tried it out, then we prefer you just shop week to week from our online store, and save the small number of Sampler spots for people who are auditioning the CSA. Thank you!

How pickup works:

Simply pull up to your pickup site, hold up your “name sign” in your car window, and we place your order in your car’s trunk.