CSA Reviews

"Having the CSA share is like opening the best birthday gift each week."

I am a new full-time resident of northern Michigan
and learned about Providence Organic Farms from
friends that have a CSA share. I fell in love with
everything about this community asset. Eating
organic and CSA membership were not what I was
familiar with, but now I am a total believer in both.
The superior taste and quality of Providence Organic
Farm produce compared to any other is undeniable.
Having the CSA share is like opening the best birthday
gift each week. I have learned so much about
unfamiliar vegetables and how to prepare them from
the handy inserts with cooking tips included each
week. I feel so fortunate that I can support this
business and buy local. I can’t image my community

without this wonderful family farm!

– Denise W.

"Highly recommend this CSA!"

Providence Farm is amazing!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE our weekly fresh produce. They are a wonderful and hard working family and so very kind. We couldn’t be happier to help support a local farm and eat delicious home grown foods! Highly recommend this CSA!

– Melissa Clark

“Thank you."

Thank you for the delicious fresh veggies. Thank you for being able to swap out items, add items, etc. Thank you for changing my pick up location. Thank you Providence for introducing me to veggies that I would not have normally purchased or cooked with. I cannot go back to purchasing these products at a grocery store. The Providence products are superb in flavor and beauty!

– Carol McIntosh-Lieffers

“So glad to have joined Providence CSA.”

We are in year 3 and loving our healthy veggies, pasture raised pork and honey. Eating a more plant based diet has helped us to feel physically more energetic, get fewer headaches, fewer stomach aches and even sleep better. In a daily routine of high stress from work, long hours or even just distractions that take away from exercise that I should be doing the healthy farm fresh items keep me in check-and did I mention they taste amazing?! So glad to have joined Providence CSA and to have met one of the nicest, hardworking and authentic families around. We love the Romeyn family for making our lives better in so many ways.

– Tara Carncross

“Great CSA that serves Northern Michigan/Traverse City. They have a fantastic open house/pot luck where they show and explain their farming methods with CSA members." - Michael Naughton

Impressions of a New CSA Member.

By Lynn Bycynskli

Editor & Publisher


For most of our farming lives, my husband Dan and I grew for a CSA, first our own and later a cooperative venture with seven other growers. This year, we turned the tables and became CSA members.
Dan and I spent the summer in Petoskey, Michigan, without access to a vegetable garden of our own for the first time in 30 years. So we joined Providence Farm, owned by Ryan and Andrea Romeyn. All summer, I made a conscious effort to think like a regular CSA customer, not like a farmer, and to analyze what I liked or did not like about the experience.
Overall, belonging to Providence Farm CSA was a completely satisfying and delightful experience. We had absolutely no complaints. Here’s what we liked so much about being on the other side of the CSA relationship.

  • Quality. First and foremost was produce quality. Every single item we received was perfect — picked at the right time, clean, packaged appropriately. The food was delicious, and it felt luxurious to have such superb food for so little effort.
  • Quantity and variety. We never received too much of anything. If we got a bunch of collard greens or beets, for example, it was one bunch, enough for one or two meals. Salad mix was in large enough bags to serve at almost every meal. Every week’s share had a good variety of vegetables so we didn’t get bored. I had the strong sense that the shares were designed each week by people who cook for their own family and understood on a deep level what people can and want to eat.
  • Convenience. Providence Farm makes it easy to be a part of their CSA. First, they have user-friendly software from Farmigo that allows customers to sign up, make changes, pay bills, etc. online. Second, they have multiple pickup options. We initially signed up to pick up at the farm, but after our first trip realized we didn’t want to drive that far every week. So we went online and switched our pickup to the natural foods store a few blocks away.
  • Flexibility. Northern Michigan is a vacation destination, so many potential CSA members are there for only a few months. Providence Farm lets members start and leave the CSA whenever they want. We were there for only 11 weeks of the 24-week season, but the farm welcomed our membership all the same. This may be hard on the farmers from a planning perspective, but speaking strictly as a member, it removes one of the biggest obstacles to joining a CSA.
  • Communication. Andrea maintains great communication with CSA members. She sends out an email at the start of each week announcing what will be in the share — a huge help to people who want to plan their meals and shop for other food when picking up their veggies. She also does a fun, relationship-building e-newsletter with photos of the farm, family, workers, animals, produce, plus links to food articles and recipes.
  • Positive energy. Everyone connected with the farm seems happy with their work. Ryan and Andrea end every email and newsletter with some statement of how fortunate they feel to be growing nutritious food for their community; for example: “Thanks so much for your continuing support and care for our family and farm. Your participation makes a hard job enjoyable and totally worth it!

In truth, we the members are the ones who are fortunate. We are grateful for Ryan, Andrea, and CSA farmers everywhere who work so tirelessly to provide flavor, health, and community. 

(Ryan and I were honored that the couple who started our favorite trade magazine came to our area for the summer and chose our CSA, especially because of their familiarity with many many farms after creating Growing For Market, which we have subscribed to for the past 18 years.  Thanks Lynn, for your glowing review and membership!)

“The process is just so easy!”

I cannot say enough good about Providence Farm! We LOVE partaking in the CSA and getting our share each week is so exciting. We have been CSA members for years now. Ryan and Andrea are amazing to work with and the process is just so easy!! I am always encouraging everyone to check out this wonderful CSA opportunity!

– Amanda Leinonen