What Can I Expect from Winter & Spring *CSA Farm Boxes?

It comes in the form of BEAUTIFUL bi-monthly Farm Boxes bursting w/ a delicious rotating variety of greens, veggies, & mushrooms & eggs!


  1. Farm Fresh Eggs (Yes, you have the option to switch out eggs for more veggies)
  2. Locally Grown Mushrooms (Daybreak Dream Farm of Central Lake switches up your mushrooms between different oyster varieties, chestnut, lion’s mane and more…
    AND… a rotating variety of Certified ORGANIC
  3. Tender Greens (Spinach, lettuce mix, arugula, etc.). AND
  4. Micro-greens from Lakeview Hill Farm of Traverse City, AS WELL AS…
  5. Onions (Red, yellow, two types of shallots, etc.), and…
  6. Several different Winter Storage Crops (rotating between sweet potatoes, different types of beets, winter specialty radishes, other root crops like carrots or parsnips, different types of potatoes, and other items like kohlrabi and cabbage, etc.) from Providence Organic Farm & Second Spring Farm (Cedar). 

PLUS: An instruction sheet naming each element of your box, along with recipes and storage tips, so nothing goes to waste!

Cost per week: $55

Cost for EBT Card-holders w/SNAP benefits: $12.25

Number of Deliveries per month: Members may opt for up to 2 per month… usually the first & third week of each month. Members can choose which weeks & months work w/their schedule.

There are up to 12 CSA Farm Boxes total, 2 per month, December – May


You do not have to sign-up for all 12 Farm Boxes. Members can opt to sign-up for between 1 & 12 Farm Boxes, creating the perfect fit for your schedule.

For each box you order, you can switch out items in your share, and add extra items like Providence Farm’s grass-fed beef, brats, lamb chops, Pleasant Hill’s frozen organic blueberries, local honey and more if you’d like!

How does that work? Well… We send out the list of the upcoming farm box’s contents the Friday afternoon before your pick-up day, along with “switch-out” and “add-on” items. Members have until Sunday evening to make desired changes by logging into their account.

*CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Members who purchase your groceries through our CSA, literally support 5 or more local farms in your community!

Below is a picture of an actual Providence CSA Farm Box from February of 2021.
And below that? Our delivery schedule and pick-up locations. 


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