Grass Fed Meats

Did you know that you can come to our on-farm market and buy our grass-fed meat by the package?

We also offer you the chance to pre order whole lamb, sides of pork, and quarters of beef.  Read below for more information…

Providence Grass-fed & finished Belted Galloway

We searched and searched for the perfect fit for our farm and found these guys. Double fur coat, instead of a thick layer of fat, keeps these cattle warmer in Northern Michigan winters. The beef is lean as well with exceptionally flavorful at the same time. A bit smaller, and content on pasture and forage.  Grass-fed on certified organic pasture and given our own and local hay in the winter.  Diet supplemented w/ an array of organic veggie scraps and mineral salt block.  Never grain-fed or finished. NO vaccinations, hormones, de-wormers, nor antibiotics ever given.  You can find our beef at our market.  Some customers purchase a quarter beef at a time.  Quarters are limited.

  • We are sold out of Beef Quarters for 2023.  You can start inquiring in January of 2024.  In the meantime, we do sell beef by the slice from our farm market on M-88.
  • We charge $5.60/lb (hanging weight) + Standard processing fee which varies based on weight. 
  • We sell by the quarter. Average quarter hanging weight was 117 lbs (2021). Packaged meat will be around 65 percent of the hanging weight. Processing fee average was $87.00 (2021)
  • The time of year processing takes place varies. 

Mixed Heritage Breeds

Providence Pork

Providence Katahdin Lambs

  • Grass-fed and rotated on certified organic pasture. No Grains!  Diet supplemented w/ organic veggie scraps, forage, sheep salt & minerals
  • Never given any vaccinations, hormones, antibiotics, vaccinations
  • $8.45/lb hanging weight + processing fees (approx $80/lamb).
  • Packaged meat usually weighs around 75% of the hanging weight, Lamb hanging weight range 40 lbs to 50 lbs
  • Pick up @ the farm Mid November
  • Email us w/ “I’d like a whole lamb” in the subject line to: [email protected] if you’d like to reserve a quarter. 


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